Breeze:OS©® -- a Web Operating System

The main feature of a Web operating system, is its ability to directly instantiate applications from the internet. The approach adopted by Breeze::OS is by using the Breeze::OS Desktop©®, with its use of plugins, as the default desktop.

The Breeze::OS operating system enables Web OS features with the use of built-in HTTP daemon and indexer. Applications are specified through the use of HTML-like plugins; and they are instantiated by loading the HTML-like file. Data is exchanged between widgets, as collections of tuples (key-value pairs), which take the form of lists, maps, trees, cursors, graphs, etc..

The source and destination of data exchanges are verified through the use of the SALT protocol; and; they are made secure through the use of symmetric and asymmetric encryption.

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Breeze::OS Desktop©® -- a Universal Desktop

The Breeze::OS Desktop©® is implemented with the use of plugins and the SALT protocol.

The Breeze::OS Desktop©®, relies on the IXPlugin©® system, which allows the creation of small to large applications, which can be compiled and instantiated as native applications, or interpreted from a definition file.

The IXPlugin user interface definition can be converted to other notations, specifically HTML, and loaded by an application such as a web browser.

NVCs -- Networked Virtual Clubs

The Breeze::OS Desktop©®, uses the notion of clubs which consists in using a network environment, and the SALT protocol, to facilitate collaboration, and exchange of data and information.

The NVC concept relies on the SALT protocol, to both secure and verify the source of any exchange. Every member of an NVC club is identified by an email address. Every NVC club has an entry in the SALT key database, with the type of club, and an entry in the club database, specifying the members of the club, whether the club is opened or closed, what type of document, content, or information can be exchanged, what file system partition or volume, and paths can be accessed; and whether every exchange should be encrypted. Each club member may be identified by their own specific SALT key.

Image Gallery

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Desktop Preview

The Breeze::OS Desktop is the default desktop of the Breeze::OS Kodiak distribution. It is based on the use of plugins, which can be sent across the web.

A Gallery of images is provided, which give a glimpse of the overall look of the Breeze::OS Desktop.



Breeze::OS©® includes our proprietary web enabled desktop, called Breeze::OS Desktop©®. Breeze:OS was conceived to serve as a web OS, which would allow every installation to act as an HTTP server.