Breeze:OS Kodiak©® -- Release Notes

The Breeze::OS Desktop©® GUI style guide stays away from things too Microsoft, Apple, KDE, or Gnome.
There is no start menu, taskbar, and systray. Additionally, the menubar and its associated menus, in all applications, is avoided; and, replaced by images, tool buttons, and pagers, as access points for data or functionality. Our initial desktop will allow system and desktop settings modifications, only through the desktop daemon, as per our Breeze::OS Desktop©® guidelines.

The Breeze::OS Desktop©® and its frameless theme are trademarked, see Gallery.

We have implemented additional features, to simplify the administration of a networked set of client installations, mainly with the Breeze::OS Packager and the Breeze::OS search daemon.

We have implemented a login manager, which when complete, will allow you to select your preferred GUI toolkit when instantiating the Breeze::OS Desktop GUI environment; and also allow you to select a remote host, as the desktop host computer. The completed desktop will provide features which will fully enable a Web Operating System.

We have implemented a way to create and manage virtual clubs, by simply accessing your address-book and selecting email-addresses indicating the members of the club to be created, see club patent.

We have implemented an Email client, so you can send email  in a peer-to-peer fashion. Your emails are sent as HTTP requests using our XML message-based email schema (see white-paper), and your attachments are sent only when requested by the recipient.

We have implemented a Feed client, so club members can be updated through feed updates  in a peer-to-peer fashion. Your feed updates are sent as HTTP requests using our XML message-based feed schema (see white-paper), and your feed attachments or updates are sent only when requested by the recipient, or club member.

We have included the LGPL gcrypt algorithms in the set of encryption algorithms available for our Breeze::OS Salt protocol©®. All connections are protected with SSL and our SALT©® protocol. This version has UDP connections as an added feature.


  • PROPRIETARY SYSTEM with a component-centric User Interface.
  • Breeze::OS Desktop©®, a lightweight desktop with the Breeze::OS Reminder©® subsystem.
  • A branded OpenOffice©® office suite, running on top of our NVC club framework for the secure exchange of documents.
  • Path-Spec©® and keyword file indexing with the Breeze::OS Indexer©®.
  • Easy file retrieval with the Breeze::OS search daemon.
  • Peer to Peer email/reminder capabilities with the Breeze::OS Reminder©® subsystem.
  • Breeze::OS Salt protocol©® to protect your Virtual Private Network or Local Area Network.
  • Login management with the Breeze::OS Desktop Login Manager©®.
  • Thin-Window©® browser with a stripped down interface©®.
  • Easy replication of passwords with the Breeze::OS search daemon©®.
  • Tsert UUID Print Services (TUPS)©®  with printer UUIDs and Salt-protocol through the Breeze::OS daemon©®.
  • Printer-Client©®  with printer UUIDs and Salt-protocol enabled.
  • Easy archiving with the Breeze::OS archiver©®.
  • Messenger-Client©®  using a Picto implementation using keywords and static images/pictograms.
  • Feed-Client©®  using our XML feed schema, to send and share media files and other documents.
  • Breeze::OS Reminder system (for the future Collab, Calendar, and Planner.)
  • Basic Help File as MOTDs
  • CD/DVD Data burner, as an alternative to K3b [ 1 ]
  • Complete encryption functionality for Breeze::OS archives, tools, and applications.
  • BlaüBox, a fast and lightweight window manager, with transparency add-ons.


The distribution Breeze::OS will be offered in a DVD-R/DVD+R format.
If your machine can boot a DVD, just boot the INSTALL DVD.
You can install Breeze::OS either alongside your current OS, or as the only OS on your computer.

CD Manufacturers

All commercial flavors of Breeze::OS are not re-distributable; unless
all the proprietary components are first removed.
These components are registered, such as. the
Breeze::OS Desktop and all its sub-components.
Check under /etc/packager and /usr/share/doc/ for the copyright files.

Purchasing Breeze::OS on CD-ROM

The Breeze::OS Kodiak.light Puma©® is US$s499.95 plus shipping.
The Breeze::OS Kodiak Kodiak©® is US$s999.95 plus shipping.
The Breeze::OS Kodiak.devel Mach©® is US$2495.00 plus shipping.
The Breeze::OS Kodiak.test Grade©® is US$4995.00 plus shipping.
The Breeze::OS Jarvis©® is US$24995.00 plus shipping.
The Breeze::OS Kodiak.server Katmai©® is US$49995.00 plus shipping.
The Breeze::OS subscriptions are available for US$39.95/year plus shipping.

The Breeze::OS Desktop is bundled as part of every release.
Read the license information before purchasing.

Ordering Information

You can order online, at the Breeze::OS store, starting Feb 03, 2014.
The earliest date of release, for all products listed above, is Jun 17, 2014.
All Breeze:OS products are released on DVD-R/DVD+R media, and sent in padded envelopes.

Image Gallery

pix pixpix pixpix pix

Desktop Preview

The Breeze::OS Desktop, is the default desktop of the Breeze::OS Kodiak distribution. It is based on the use of plugins, which can be sent across the web.

A Gallery of images is provided, which give a glimpse of the overall look of the Breeze::OS Desktop.



Breeze::OS Kodiak©® includes our proprietary web enabled desktop, called Breeze::OS Desktop©®. Breeze:OS was conceived to serve as a web OS, which would allow every installation to act as an HTTP server.