Breeze:OS©® Community Edition -- Release Notes

The Breeze::OS©® Community Edition uses the XFCE desktop as its default desktop, see Gallery.
The Community Edition comes in many flavors. The flavors are based on the desktop used as the default desktop, and the architecture used in the release.

A new installer framework was implemented, based on pages. Pages refer to the steps or tasks required to complete a particular installation. The new installer framework provides two interfaces; one graphical and one console-based, powered by X11 GTK2 and ncurses respectively. The new framework is versatile enough, to allow the development of a non-interactive or batch installation of our distribution; even though the interfaces themselves do not directly support it. Such support will be provided in subsequent releases of the installer.


  • A ZIP and XML based package format.
  • A dependency based package management application.
  • The Slim lightweight login manager.
  • The Xfce Desktop 4.10.0, a lightweight desktop.
  • The KDE or Gnome desktop for other flavors.
  • The OpenOffice or LibreOffice office suite.
  • The 3.10.x and 3.11.x series of the Linux kernel.
  • The Firefox/Iceweasel browser.
  • The QT4, QT5 toolkit library
  • The Gnu GCC-4.8.0 as the default C, C++ compiler.


The distribution Breeze::OS will be offered in a DVD-R/DVD+R format.
If your machine can boot a DVD, just boot the INSTALL DVD.
You can install Breeze::OS either alongside your current OS, or as the only OS on your computer.
This version is not UEFI booting enabled.

CD Manufacturers

Only the Community version of our distribution is re-distributable.
The commercial flavors are not re-distributable; unless
all the proprietary components are first removed.
These components are registered, such as. the
Breeze::OS Desktop and all its sub-components.
Check under /etc/packager and /usr/share/doc/ for the copyright files.

Purchasing Breeze::OS on CD-ROM

The Breeze::OS Community Edition  DVD Edition is US$49.95 plus shipping.
The Breeze::OS subscriptions are available for US$39.95/year
The Breeze::OS Source DVD is US$39.95 plus shipping.

Downloading Breeze::OS on ISO image files

All flavors of the Breeze::OS Community Edition, for CD R/W media, can be downloaded from our download website, starting Feb 03, 2014. All ISO image files can be copied to a USB memory stick, with the following command: 
   dd if=<isofile> obs=4096 of=/dev/<usbtick>

Ordering Information

You can order online, at the Breeze::OS store, starting Feb 03, 2014.
The date of release, for all the products listed above, is Feb 03, 2014.
All Breeze:OS products are released on DVD-R/DVD+R media, and sent in padded envelopes.

Image Gallery

pix pixpix pixpix pix

Desktop Preview

The Breeze::OS Desktop is the default desktop of the Breeze::OS Kodiak distribution. It is based on the use of plugins, which can be sent across the web.

A Gallery of images is provided, which give a glimpse of the overall look of the Breeze::OS Desktop.



Breeze::OS Kodiak©® includes our proprietary web enabled desktop, called Breeze::OS Desktop©®. Breeze:OS was conceived to serve as a web OS, which would allow every installation to act as an HTTP server.