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The initial release of our distribution is slated for February 03, 2014. We decided to derive our distro from many existing ones; as a means of offering a varied selection from which to choose. The Breeze::OS distribution includes both a graphical and curses based installer. The installer was implemented to allow easily configurable installation steps, seen as pages. Those who choose to derive from our distribution will find the installer easy to understand and use. Get the CD ISO images from our download page.

Release notes  •  Dec 17, 2013

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The  Community Edition of our distribution come in many flavors.
These flavors are Debian, Slackware, Freebsd, and Netbsd
The releases of every flavor will consist of major, medium, and minor updates. The Debian flavor is based on the Jessie testing repository. The Slackware flavor is based on the Slackware 14.1 release. The Freebsd flavor will be based on the 10.0 release. The Netbsd flavor will be based on the 6.1 release. All flavors rely on our package management applications using an XML and ZIP based package format.The Breeze::OS Packager consists of a GUI frontend to a CLI package management tool, accessing SQLite databases.

Release notes  •  Dec 17, 2013

Future Releases

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Future releases of our distribution will include a server version called Katmaï©®, a developer version called Mach©®, a testing version called Grade©®, a content-enabled version called  Kodiak©®, and the non-content enabled version called  Kodiak.lite©® or Puma©®.

All versions will facilitate the management of networked virtual clubs

Future Release  •  Dec 17, 2013

Image Gallery

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Desktop Preview

The Breeze::OS Desktop is the default desktop of the Breeze::OS Kodiak   distribution. It is based on the use of plugins, which can be sent across the web.

A Gallery of images is provided, which give a glimpse of the overall look of the Breeze::OS Desktop.



Breeze::OS©® includes our proprietary web enabled desktop, called Breeze::OS Desktop©®. Breeze:OS Kodiak was conceived as a web OS, which would allow every installation to act as an HTTP server.