About BreeseOS

Our open source distribution was created to serve a single purpose; which is to be the basis of an infrastructure that our company can use to further its commercial interests.

Our Mission

Our aim is to provide our version of a Web operating system, which will allow one, to securely browse and exchange documents across the Internet.

We will also provide our version of a Web desktop interface, which relies, not on an HTML browser, but on plugins. The use of web-enabled plugins is more versatile.

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Image Gallery

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Desktop Preview

The Breeze::OS Desktop is the default desktop of the Breeze::OS Kodiak distribution. It is based on the use of plugins, which can be sent across the web.

A Gallery of images is provided, which give a glimpse of the overall look of the Breeze::OS Desktop.



Breeze::OS©® includes our proprietary web enabled desktop, called Breeze::OS Desktop©®. Breeze:OS was conceived to serve as a web OS, which would allow every installation to act as an HTTP server.