brzpkg - the Breeze::OS package management tool.


brzpkg [OPTION] ... PACKAGE(s)


brzpkg (brzpkg) is the Breeze::OS package management tool. It is used to unpack, install, update, and remove packages. The packages must be Breeze::OS packages for all commands; except for the install command, where a package from the derived distribution can be specified.

The basic commands are: install, update, build, remove and purge.

The configuration file is /etc/brzpkg/settings.cfg.


-h --help
Show help information.
-V --version
Show version information.
-I --install
Install the specified package(s).
-U --update
Update the specified package(s).
-R --remove
Remove the specified package(s).
-P --purge
Remove the specified package(s) and purge all related files.
-C --clean [ package ]
Clean package and metadata caches of specified package or all package(s).
-B --build
Build the specified package(s) from source. To give dependency preference to binary packages, use the install command with the build/ebuild option (-b) e.g. 'brzpkg -I -b pulseaudio'.
-S --search <arg>
Search for package(s) using the specified argument.
-N --news [year]
Check for distro and package news. Use --force to view old ones.
-A --advisory [year]
Check for package security advisory news. Use --force to view old ones.
-w --websync
Update your current Breeze::OS installation, based on the installed baseline version. This command simply updates all new packages based on the installed baseline or point release.
-u --upgrades [version] [--source distro]
Upgrade your Breeze::OS installation. A full installation, to another drive, can be made; by using the drive's mount path as the installation target. You can upgrade from a vanilla Slackware installation, by specifying '--source slackware'.
-W --clone [date]
The packager immediately proceeds with installing the packages specified in the given file pointed to by the date argument, the file must be at path /etc/brzpkg/syncing/<date>.desktop (this feature is currently in ALPHA phase).
-Q --query <news|updates|advisory|upgrades|replicate|osrelease|lsbreleae>
Check for fresh news, updates, advisories, upgrades, or source archive of packages. You can also issue a replicate request. To replicate your installation on a specified host; a server is required to be running on the specified host. The server receives the replicate request, in the form of a list of packages and their status; then, it creates a cron job with the specified date. The host is specified with the location option. The date must have the format of the date command, e.g. date -Iminutes --date='01:00 tomorrow'. A CGI script can be used, for replication, with any server; as long as, one adheres to the information above.
-L --location <url|folder>
Use the specified url or folder as the default repository location.
-O --source <distro> or --origin <distro>
Specify source distribution e.g. Slackware to allow for non Breeze::OS upgrades. A Breeze:OS installation is not necessary to upgrade to our distribution; as long as, you are running a compatible version of the source distribution.
-T --target <folder> or --root <folder>
Use specified folder as installation target.
-b --ebuild
Use arguments as build/ebuild packages when issuing database queries. Or, you can also specify the version of the package; since, all source packages have a '-src' suffix in their version numbering.
-l --list <all|type|section|status|tags|etc.>
List packages which match the specified option. The option can be any metadata entry except those specified for the 'info' query.
-i --info <meta|summary|descr|depends|required|private|manifest|alt|provides|hashes|updates|activity> arg
Show package information consisting of either metadata, description, dependencies, manifest, required, etc.. All info options, except required, hashes, alt, provides, can be used with the argument being an actual package file.
-m --meta
Short for --info meta.
-s --summary
Short for --info summary.
-d --depends
Short for --info depends.
-j --shlibs
Short for --info shlibs.
-p --private
Short for --info private.
-r --required
Short for --info required.
-D --descr
Short for --info descr.
-H --hashes
Short for --info hashes.
-M --manifest
Short for --info manifest. Use -q for just the paths or -v for verbose. Use twice to access the embedded archive's Tar manifest, if accessing an actual package file as argument.
-a --alt
Short for --info alt.
-o --provides
Short for --info provides.
-e --name <X>
Check if X is part of a filename in a package manifest.
-E --entry or --path <X>
Check if X is part of a path in a package manifest.
-g --checksums
Look for checksums for name or entry, as specified above.
-x --exact
Test for exact manifest match for 'e' or 'E' option only.
-f --force [cmd|depends|retr|upgrade|update|ftp|mirrors]
Force processing of the command with or without forcing dependency inclusion or package remote retrieval. Use force update to force checksums retrieval. Use force upgrade to force a full installation when upgrading; no listed packages are excluded. Use '--force ftp' to add ftp mirrors to the list of mirrors to be used. Use '--force all-mirrors' to use all available mirrors. You can use '-f' twice to force command and retrieval; and three times to force dependency inclusion.
-X --exclude <depends|conflicts|gpg|checkpkg|checksums|archive|removal>
Ignore dependencies, conflicts, checksums, or archive storage during install, update, remove, and purge commands. Package installation without dependency check, GPG signature or checksum verification is not recommended. Do not keep the archive on-disk by specifying '--exclude archive'. Do not remove package files before installing new ones by specifying '--exclude removal'.
-n --no-random
Do not use mirrors randomly on install, update, and download commands.
-y --yes
Assume yes for all questions.
-z --no-colors
Turn color hiliting off.
-q --quiet
Quiet mode. Only error messages are shown.
-v --verbose
Verbose mode. More than once, for more information.
-+ --qrcode <utf8|png>
Show the QR-Code for this application.


Install the rsync package.

brzpkg --install rsync

Force retrieval on installation of the rsync package.

brzpkg --install --force --force=retr rsync

Update the rsync package.

brzpkg --update rsync

Remove the rsync package.

brzpkg --remove rsync

List packages having mozilla in their name.

brzpkg --list all mozilla

Search for all packages having mozilla in their name or description.

brzpkg --search mozilla

List all packages in the 'network' section.

brzpkg --list section network

Install all packages which are tagged as standard in the 'network' section.

brzpkg --install network/standard

Install all packages which are listed in the 'network' section.

brzpkg --install network/*

Install all packages which have priority of 'standard' and above in the 'network' section.

brzpkg --install network/standard+

List all packages with priority 'essential'.

brzpkg --list priority essential

List all packages with size greater than 17000000.

brzpkg --list size '> 17000000'

List all packages with size greater than 17000000 (alternative way).

brzpkg --list all 'abs(size) > 17000000'

List all updates for package rsync.

brzpkg --info updates rsync

List all activity for package rsync.

brzpkg --info activity rsync

Upgrade your Breeze::OS installation to version 1.1.

brzpkg --upgrade 1.1

Replicate your installation to a remote host at the specified date.

brzpkg -Q replicate 2015-08-01T01:00-0400 -L http://master.localdomain:8012

Replicate your installation to a remote host immediately

brzpkg -Q replicate -L http://master.localdomain:8012

Upgrade your Slackware installation to a Breeze::OS one.

brzpkg --source slackware --upgrade 1.1

Upgrade your Breeze::OS installation residing on another partition.

brzpkg --upgrade 1.1 --target /share/breeze-1.0

Upgrade to another partition from scratch from a local repository. The option -Xinstall is not to proceed with package installation, after the bootstrapping stage.

brzpkg -T <folder> -L <archive-dir> -f -Xinstall --upgrade 2.0

Upgrade to another partition from scratch from a remote host.

brzpkg -T <folder> -L <https-host> -f --upgrade 2.0


A possible bug has been detected where the SQLite package database reverts back to an earlier state. No source code problem were found. The problem could not be reproduced; it is assumed to have been due to lost filesystem journal updates because of an unscheduled shutdown. A snapshot of the database, just after system installation is kept as /etc/brzpkg/packages.db.<date>, and everyday afterwards.

The package retrieval tool sometimes gets locked with some mirrors; which has been found to be due to the mirror, not functioning properly, or not being online. Use control-C to skip to the next mirror.


brzpkg was written by Pierre Innocent <>



brzpkg is released under the CC-BY-NC-SA License v4.0



To report a problem, please email